Authority and community: a joint online project

Ukraine has launched a unique online project aimed at creation of civilized relations between the government and the community of Kherson city for its development.

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The project is called "Kherson Map of Districts" and is a process of maximally open and systematic inform system for the public about the budgetary costs of Kherson utilities in terms of its districts.

The project was initiated in autumn 2013 by a Deputy of Kherson City Council, the director of the Municipal Company "Kherson Miskvodokanal" (Kherson Water Utility) Igor Kozakov and supported by the Head of the Kherson Regional Charity Fund "Union" (“Obyednannya”) Yuriy Antoshchuk.

Within the framework of the specially prepared website using Google services, information about outlay of Kherson community budget funds to repair roofs, gutters, sewers, water supply, heating, elevators, education etc. was provided separately for 2011, 2012, 2013 for each of 38 Kherson districts, on which city deputies-majoritarian were elected.

Information for the project was provided by the Departments of Kherson City Council as a response to formal requests of Igor Kozakov, systematized and published on the project website by its volunteers.

Within the project "Kherson Map of Districts" is planned systematic clarification about the budgetary costs of Kherson utilities, it updates and additions to the site. In addition, all on- and off-line activities under the project will be covered in the section "News."

Any government or international donors don’t have any relation to the project "Kherson Map of Districts." The project is implemented personally by the Deputy of Kherson City Council Igor Kozakov and Head of Kherson Regional Charity Fund "Union" Yuriy Antoshchuk and volunteers.

We invite everyone to join the cooperation in this direction.

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